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World’s First Full LED  Light Sourced Analyzer

How about comparing  the before and after of each treatment with our high resolution images ?

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Mark-Vu Operation

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Light Sources and Analysis Items

• We analyze 12 skin problems, including skin type, with 4 different LED light sources.

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Clear View Algorithm

• Various skin problems and treatment effects can be easily observed through Mark-Vu's  “Clear View Algorithm."

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Front-/Left-/Right-Side Shooting

• Three sides of a face can be compared at a time.(Specular Light)


  • three side_SL.JPG

• Three sides of a face can be compared at a time.(Ultraviolet Light) 


  • Three side_UV.JPG

Convenient Hardware

Various Functions

Overlap Function

• The Overlap function of viewing images taken from the Normal light and Specular light together allows for much easier checking of the current state of     wrinkles and Hidden Wrinkles.

  • overlap_NL_SL.JPG

• The Overlap function of viewing images taken from the polarized light and UV light allows for easy checking of pigmentation and the degree of melanin. 

• The red pigment (blush) and the brown pigment (pigmentation and spots) can be checked separately. 

  • overlap_PL_UV.JPG

Simulation of Pigmentation

• The progress of pigmentation and the appearance after laser treatment are predictable through the “Simulation of Pigmentation” function. 

Simulation of Pores & Wrinkles

• The progress of wrinkles and the appearance after Hi-Fu treatment are predictable through the  “Simulation of Pores &Wrinkles” function. 

• Counseling for 20-30s through Pores simulation and for those over 40s through Wrinkles simulation 

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Portable Viewer

• Provides a viewer to view photographed images, skin analysis images, and analysis results on both Android and iOS. 

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3D Viewer

• Provides various 3D viewers to view the depth of pores and wrinkles. 

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Analysis Images

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  • 마크뷰 Step4_2.jpg
  • 마크뷰 Step4_3.jpg

Comparative Analysis Images

  • step5 토탈.JPG


Camera Canon 200D-II
Pixels 24.0 Mega pixel
Image Sensor 1/1.6 CMOS
Focus Fixed Focus control
Light Sources Normal Light
Specular Light
Polarized Light
Ultraviolet Light
Control Controlled by Microprocessor
USB Communication
Automatic Light Control
Input Power DC 19V 3.42A
Size & Weight 58(L)cm x 41(W)cm x 51(H)cm, 8.3Kg