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World’s first LED-sourced analyzer
Why don’t you make a comparison of a before and after treatment with our high-resolution clearer images

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Light sources and analysis items
Four light sources are used to analyze 12 skin problems including skin types

Front-/Left-/Right-Side Shooting
Three sides of a face can be compared at a time.

Convenient hardware

Software feature

Detail Mode

Detail Mode allows for easy identification of skin problems that need to be treated using high-quality images shot with the Canon DSLR camera.

Overlap function

ㆍThe Overlap function of viewing images taken from the Normal light and Specular light together allows for much easier checking of the current state of wrinkles and potential ones.

ㆍThe Overlap function of viewing images taken from the polarized light and UV light allows for easy checking of pigmentation and the degree of melanin.

ㆍThe red pigment (blush) and the brown pigment (pigmentation and spots) can be checked separately.

Analysis image

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Comparative analysis image

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Camera DSLR Camera
Pixels 18.0 Mega pixel
Image Sensor 1/1.6 CMOS
Focus Fixed Focus control
Light Sources Normal Light
Specular Light
Polarized Light
Ultraviolet Light
Control Controlled by Microprocessor
USB Communication
Automatic Light Control
Input Power DC 19V 3.42A
Size & Weight 58(L)cm x 41(W)cm x 51(H)cm, 8.3Kg