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With the overriding aim of meeting customer satisfaction,
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PSI Plus Co., Ltd., is a specialized R&D company that focuses on facial skin trouble detection and quantitative analysis technologies through image processing. To lead the future of the global facial skin analyzer market, we at PSI Plus have been continuously devoted to research and development to manufacture innovative and creative products through a partnership in optical technology with PSI Co., Ltd.

Thanks to our groundbreaking ideas, we have first substituted LED for ultraviolet light to analyze the melanin pigments and Porphyrin (bacteria that cause acne). Furthermore, we developed image processing technology to detect potential wrinkles and red spots, and have filed patent applications for the hardware design and a diagnosis method of the technology.

We will develop into a leader in the global facial skin analyzer market through our own creative ideas and innovative technologies.

In particular, we will ceaselessly put more efforts to achieve our goals by accumulating data on skin changes caused by aging in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and developing a skin analyzer for a cosmetic shop that can recommend cosmetics tailored to customers’ skin conditions through the pattern research on the accumulated big data.

CEO Donggeon Lee