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"3D Meta-Vu" will be newly upgraded.

As of March, both H/W modifications and S/W upgrades will be completed.

Briefly summarizing the H/W modifications:
• Head-rest for facial stabilization added: to prevent shaking of the face left and right
• Width reduced by 10cm through readjustment of head-rest position: for natural neck filming and maximizing space utilization
• Camera fixation method modified: to prevent calibration disruption caused by shock
• Power button moved to the top of the device: for user convenience

Furthermore, looking at the S/W upgrade:
• 3D mapping time reduced to around 40 seconds (from around 70 seconds in the previous version)
• Added simulation function for pigmentation and pores/wrinkles
• Added a 2-part full-screen mode for before/after comparison of treatments

Due to the high technical difficulty, the S/W upgrade speed compared to the previous 'Mark-Vu' version may be slower, but we will make continuous efforts to prepare diligently for adding new functions.

* The picture below is an example of the simulation function for pigmentation and pores/wrinkles.
  • 메타뷰 업그레이드.JPG