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Finally, 1,000 Mark-Vu have been installed in Korea.

Finally, 1,000 Mark-Vu have been installed in Korea. Thank you to our customers who have shown their continuous love for our Mark-Vu despite the difficult business environment.

When Mark-Vu was first installed domestically, 1,000 units seemed like a challenging number, but now it seems to be a number that will provide a foundation for dreaming of something a little bigger.

In celebration of 1,000 domestic Mark-Vu being installed, we have moved to a new space where we can research and produce in a better environment, twice as big as the original space.

It is expected that through this expansion, we will be able to develop and produce products that meet customer demand, and that we will be able to respond to the continued sales growth of existing products and the launch of "3D Meta-Vu".

We believe that the way to repay our customers' love is by improving the quality of our products, so we will continue to make persistent efforts through constant technological development to make products that our customers want and are satisfied with.

Once again, thank you to all of our customers who love Mark-Vu.
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