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Another 100 have been added today, making it 700 Mark-Vu .

600 Mark-Vu have been installed for only 5 months and another 100 have been added today, making it 700 Mark-Vu installed.

It has become the most installed facial skin analysis machine in domestic dermatology clinics in just 4 years of entrepreneurship.

Despite the difficult business environment due to COVID-19, installations are continuing as usual, and we are very grateful for this situation. In order to repay the love of our customers who use Mark-Vu, we are working hard on continuous research and development.

Following the development of the "3D Viewer" algorithm from the previous year and the "Tablet Viewer" program, this year we are promoting a comprehensive overhaul of the skin analysis item, which is Step 4 of Mark-Vu. To briefly introduce the overhaul content:

1. The results are presented by classifying pores, pigmentation, and melanin according to size.
2. The image of wrinkles and future wrinkles will be improved so that they can be seen as lines briefly, and the nasolabial folds item will be added.
3. The redness and brown items have been improved to be easier to see as lines.
4. Pores, sebum, and porphyrin will be counted along with the area ratio, making comparisons before and after easier.

These overhaul works will start in May of last year in the case of Mark-Vu and will be completed in February of this year. Also, the works for Mei-Vu and Line-Vu will be completed in the middle of March.
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