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Our company has received certification as an excellent enterprise.

Our company has received certification as an excellent enterprise (T-4 level) from the technology evaluation result of ‘NICE evaluation information’. The technology and technology capabilities of the company, which were evaluated as excellent, are as follows:

1. By applying LED light sources to the field of skin analyzer as the world's first in order to obtain reproducible images that can be considered the most important in the field of skin analyzer, and by setting up our own developed method called ‘Gray card test’ to confirm reproducibility, we have secured technology and systems that can always be captured at the same brightness.

2. To reduce the deviation between equipment that can become the foundation of big data, LED light source brightness control system and color standardization technology that reduced the color deviation between cameras by about 50% have been completed, and these technologies are becoming the basis of new product to be released next year.

3. Also, in order to make it easy to confirm the effect of treatment, by developing technologies such as camera control technology to obtain clear images, image processing such as clearly visible, etc., customer satisfaction is continuously increased.

4. Developed the world's first skin analysis algorithms such as hidden wrinkle analysis, redness analysis, neck wrinkle analysis, makeup coverage index, etc.

Although everyone is struggling due to COVID-19, we are working hard to develop innovative technology and become a world-class skin analyzer company by launching a new product in the spring of next year.
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