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Mark-Vu has installed 500 units in Korea.

After 400 units were installed in September 2019, 100 units were added in just 5 months, resulting in the 500th product being installed today.

Although there were concerns that the installation of Mark-Vu could be postponed due to the new COVID-19 virus, 9 units were installed this week, which is a fortunate and grateful situation.

Recently, inquiries and installations are increasing not only in hospitals such as dermatology clinics, but also in universities, research institutes, and clinical evaluation institutions.

This situation is believed to be due to the high satisfaction of existing Mark-Vu users, as the advantages of Mark-Vu (clear image, reproducibility of before/after comparison, etc.) are being promoted naturally.

When the 3D Viewer that provides depth values and the Application that can be used on Android and iOS tablets are completed, the usability will be higher and the satisfaction is expected to increase further.

These two projects have been prepared since last summer and are in the final development stage, expected to be completed in mid-February. After about a month of debugging work, it is estimated that it can be distributed in mid-March. We will make a notice again when the distribution date arrives.
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